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[2980] Take account of differences in DLL naming

On Ubuntu, DLLs have the suffix .so: on OSX, the suffix is .dylib
parent 58875c20
......@@ -15,39 +15,60 @@
#include <config.h>
namespace {
// Take carse of differences in DLL naming between operating systems.
#ifdef OS_BSD
#define DLL_SUFFIX ".dylib"
#define DLL_SUFFIX ".so"
// Names of the libraries used in these tests. These libraries are built using
// libtool, so we need to look in the hidden ".libs" directory to locate the
// .so file. Note that we access the .so file - libtool creates this as a
// like to the real shared library.
// Basic library with context_create and three "standard" callouts.
static const char* BASIC_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* BASIC_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libbcl"
// Library with context_create and three "standard" callouts, as well as
// load() and unload() functions.
static const char* FULL_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* FULL_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libfcl"
// Library where the version() function returns an incorrect result.
static const char* INCORRECT_VERSION_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* INCORRECT_VERSION_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libivl"
// Library where some of the callout registration is done with the load()
// function.
static const char* LOAD_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* LOAD_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/liblcl"
// Library where the load() function returns an error.
static const char* LOAD_ERROR_CALLOUT_LIBRARY =
"@abs_builddir@/.libs/liblecl" DLL_SUFFIX;
// Name of a library which is not present.
static const char* NOT_PRESENT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* NOT_PRESENT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libnothere"
// Library that does not include a version function.
static const char* NO_VERSION_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* NO_VERSION_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libnvl"
// Library where there is an unload() function.
static const char* UNLOAD_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/";
static const char* UNLOAD_CALLOUT_LIBRARY = "@abs_builddir@/.libs/libucl"
} // anonymous namespace
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