Commit cacb5d70 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2712] added lettuce test to confirm 'Cmdctl shutdown' now works correctly.

also confirmed it would fail without the change of this branch.  the execution
of bindctl would fail, so needed to be updated so it can
ignore failure of bindctl if specified so.
parent b9c84e0e
......@@ -154,3 +154,18 @@ Feature: control with bindctl
bind10 module Xfrout should be running
bind10 module Xfrin should be running
bind10 module Zonemgr should be running
Scenario: Shutting down a certain module
# We could test with several modules, but for now we are particularly
# interested in shutting down cmdctl. It previously caused hangup,
# so this scenario confirms it's certainly fixed. Note: since cmdctl
# is a "needed" component, shutting it down will result in system
# shutdown. So "send bind10 command" will fail (it cannot complete
# "quite").
Given I have bind10 running with configuration bindctl/bindctl.config
And wait for bind10 stderr message BIND10_STARTED_CC
And wait for bind10 stderr message CMDCTL_STARTED
When I send bind10 ignoring failure the command Cmdctl shutdown
And wait for bind10 stderr message CMDCTL_EXITING
And wait for bind10 stderr message BIND10_SHUTDOWN_COMPLETE
......@@ -120,7 +120,7 @@ def have_bind10_running(step, config_file, cmdctl_port, process_name):
# function to send lines to bindctl, and store the result
def run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port=None):
def run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port=None, ignore_failure=False):
"""Run bindctl.
commands: a sequence of strings which will be sent.
......@@ -140,6 +140,8 @@ def run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port=None):
for line in commands:
bindctl.stdin.write(line + "\n")
(stdout, stderr) = bindctl.communicate()
if ignore_failure:
result = bindctl.returncode
world.last_bindctl_stdout = stdout
world.last_bindctl_stderr = stderr
......@@ -306,19 +308,24 @@ def config_remove_command(step, name, value, cmdctl_port):
run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port)
@step('send bind10(?: with cmdctl port (\d+))? the command (.+)')
def send_command(step, cmdctl_port, command):
@step('send bind10(?: with cmdctl port (\d+))?( ignoring failure)? the command (.+)')
def send_command(step, cmdctl_port, ignore_failure, command):
Run bindctl, send the given command, and exit bindctl.
command ('the command <command>'): The command to send.
cmdctl_port ('with cmdctl port <portnr>', optional): cmdctl port to send
the command to. Defaults to 47805.
Fails if cmdctl does not exit with status code 0.
ignore_failure ('ignoring failure', optional): set to not None if bindctl
is expected to fail (and it's acceptable).
Fails if bindctl does not exit with status code 0 and ignore_failure
is not None.
commands = [command,
run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port)
run_bindctl(commands, cmdctl_port, ignore_failure is not None)
@step('bind10 module (\S+) should( not)? be running')
def module_is_running(step, name, not_str):
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