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[v1_0_0] ChangeLog fixes

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106x. [doc] sar
Kea 1.0.0-beta released on December 8, 2015
1067. [doc] sar
Remove description of option[xx].text operator from classification
until it's use becomes clearer.
until its use becomes clearer.
(Trac #4218, git 22fe2bf889984078cd86c2a230a038632d21432c)
1065. [func] tomek
1066. [func] tomek
Configuration parameters for setting up external hosts storage
are now implemented. This feature is considered experimental
for DHCPv4 and currently not really usable for DHCPv6.
(Trac #3569, git 8896c9c3f77a7836d67e6c33943ac4892b851213)
1064. [func] fdupont,tomek
1065. [func] fdupont,tomek
The DHCPv4 server now stores Relay Agent Information option as
the last one.
(trac #4121, git 2f883d4afb9b27c6c59d993692370685b206b6c2)
1063. [doc] tmark
1064. [doc] tmark
Added Kea logo to documentation.
(trac #3702, git 7cae813ffe9a7320db5c84ac4beb1c3c0ecabbf7)
1062. [func] marcin
1063. [func] marcin
It is possible to disable writing generated DHCPv6 server
identifier in a persistent storage. This also fixes a
failing distcheck.
(trac #4211, git d8f39b7aff9312237d4b6d6de39a7336a25ead4c)
1061. [func] marcin
1062. [func] marcin
libeval: options may be referenced by their names in
expressions used for client classification.
(Trac #4204 git 38aebe9566e09daa30796df686cfdd6d0c43fa4d)
1060. [func] kalmus
1061. [func] kalmus
MySqlHostDataSource class implementation. It provides methods
for adding and extracting Host objects to and from MySQL database.
(Trac #3682, git 275b40fb941a6934c6434715184ae1c39f3fb3f2)
......@@ -48,7 +50,7 @@
Two new hook points lease4_recover and lease6_recover have been
implemented. They are called when a declined IPv4 or IPv6 lease
concludes its probation period and is being recovered into
unsable state.
usable state.
(Trac #3988, 3989, git 1930797c48fee7f4006a33cecd6f08b05ae76725)
1057. [func] marcin
......@@ -137,7 +139,7 @@
(Trac #3927, git c7460e849258ec77cf1215a2baf840d98f1ab77b)
1041. [func] tomek
A new library, libkea-eval has been edded. It is not functional
A new library, libkea-eval has been added. It is not functional
yet, but its purpose is to provide a generic expression
evaluations that will be used in the upcoming client classification.
(Trac #4081, git 28d818a26a5d128e8a51d62b68c0cc817e6e2415)
......@@ -165,7 +167,7 @@
1036. [func] tmark
kea-admin now supports upgrading from Postgres schema version
1.0 to 2.0. Schema 2.0 includes support for lease expiration
and reclaimation.
and reclamation.
(Trac #3969, git 8fde70c1b63b5a2646688290b1d0cf53f4c964ad)
1035. [doc] fdupont
......@@ -299,7 +301,7 @@
1012. [bug] stephen
Replace #include of message_dictionary.h in message_initializer.h
with a declaration of the MessageDictionary class, avoing the need
with a declaration of the MessageDictionary class, avoiding the need
to include message_dictionary.h in the set of header files installed.
(Trac #4046, git 9f1801b4326f62632a7c9f0aa939d58f120c10e8)
......@@ -311,7 +313,7 @@
(Trac #4015, git 95f8c0d0af45807c1f303b9bbbb08f82b3bfc343)
1010. [bug] tmark
Fixed test failures occuring for some tests after
Fixed test failures occurring for some tests after
IfaceMgr::closeSockets was called.
(Trac #4067, git 9161867dc6a354659ae8b5115ee437ec76c1771e)
......@@ -368,7 +370,7 @@
Fixed critical C++ issues in the Kea code. This does not cover
auto_ptr warnings (just ignore them) or the gtest 1.7.0 bug with
EXPECT_TRUE() and ASSERT_TRUE() macros (we recommend to download
last subversion souces at
last subversion sources at
and use the --with-gtest-source configuration argument when
you'd like to build unit tests).
(Trac #4024, git 55afd98fead0c16bb81107dfc1a5f49a5e295aa6)
......@@ -2099,7 +2101,7 @@ bind10-1.2.0beta1 released on March 6, 2014
713. [func] tmark
Added DNS update request construction to d2::NameAddTransaction
in b10-dhcp-ddns. The class now generates all DNS update
request variations needed to fulfill it's state machine in
request variations needed to fulfill its state machine in
compliance with RFC 4703, sections 5.3 and 5.4.
(Trac# 3241, git dceca9554cb9410dd8d12371b68198b797cb6cfb)
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