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[master] added changelog entry for #1387

also fixed a minor type for entry 338 (as discussed on the dev ML)
parent a5e9d917
339. [bug] jinmei
libxfr, used by b10-auth to share TCP sockets with b10-xfrout,
incorrectly propagated ASIO specific exceptions to the application
if the given file name was too long. This could lead to
unexpected shut down of b10-auth.
(Trac #1387, git a5e9d9176e9c60ef20c0f5ef59eeb6838ed47ab2)
338. [bug] jinmei
b10-xfrin didn't check SOA serials of SOA and IXFR responses,
which resulted in unnecessary transfer or unexpected IXFR
timeouts (these issues were not overlooked but deferred to be
fixed until #1278 was completed). Validation on responses to SOA
queries were tighten, too.
queries were tightened, too.
(Trac #1299, git 6ff03bb9d631023175df99248e8cc0cda586c30a)
337. [func] tomek
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