Commit cef5f325 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] added changelog entry for #1502. also fixed entry number gaps

introduced at entry "359" (which should have been 350).
parent 57b06f8c
363. [func] tomek
355. [bug] jinmei
Python xfrin.diff module incorrectly combined RRSIGs of different
type covered, possibly merging different TTLs. As a result a
secondary server could store different RRSIGs than those at the
primary server if it gets these records via IXFR.
(Trac #1502, git 57b06f8cb6681f591fa63f25a053eb6f422896ef)
354. [func] tomek
dhcp4: Support for DISCOVER and OFFER implemented. b10-dhcp4 is
now able to offer hardcoded leases to DHCPv4 clients.
dhcp6: Code refactored to use the same approach as dhcp4.
(Trac #1230, git aac05f566c49daad4d3de35550cfaff31c124513)
362. [func] tomek
353. [func] tomek
libdhcp++: Interface detection in Linux implemented. libdhcp++
if now able to detect available network interfaces, its link-layer
addresses, flags and configured IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
(Trac #1237, git 8a040737426aece7cc92a795f2b712d7c3407513)
361. [func] tomek
352. [func] tomek
libdhcp++: Transmission and reception of DHCPv4 packets is now
implemented. Low-level hacks are not implemented for transmission
to hosts that don't have IPv4 address yet, so currently the code
......@@ -18,7 +25,7 @@
same link.
(Trac #1239, #1240, git f382050248b5b7ed1881b086d89be2d9dd8fe385)
360. [func] fdupont
351. [func] fdupont
Alpha version of DHCP benchmarking tool added. "perfdhcp" is able to
test both IPv4 and IPv6 servers: it can time the four-packet exchange
(DORA and SARR) as well as time the initial two-packet exchange (DO and
......@@ -26,7 +33,7 @@
tests/tools/perfdhcp) with the "-h" flag.
(Trac #1450, git 85083a76107ba2236732b45524ce7018eefbaf90)
359. [func]* vorner
350. [func]* vorner
The target parameter of ZoneFinder::find is no longer present, as the
interface was awkward. To get all the RRsets of a single domain, use
the new findAll method (the same applies to python version, the method
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