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[1553] Added resolver_basic feature test

parent 079133e3
{"version": 2, "Resolver": {"listen_on": [{"port": 47806, "address": ""}]}, "Boss": {"components": {"b10-resolver": {"kind": "needed"}, "b10-cmdctl": {"kind": "needed", "special": "cmdctl"}}}}
Feature: Basic Resolver
This feature set is just testing the execution of the b10-resolver
module. It sees whether it starts up, takes configuration, and
answers queries.
Scenario: Listen for and answer query
# This scenario starts a server that runs a real resolver.
# In order not to send out queries into the wild, we only
# query for something known to be hardcoded at this moment.
# NOTE: once real priming has been implemented, this test needs
# to be revised (as it would then leak, which is probably true
# for any resolver system test)
When I start bind10 with configuration resolver/resolver_basic.config
And wait for new bind10 stderr message RESOLVER_STARTED
# This answer is currently hardcoded (as part of the fake priming)
A query for should have rcode NOERROR
......@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ class QueryResult(object):
@step('A query for ([\w.]+) (?:type ([A-Z0-9]+) )?(?:class ([A-Z]+) )?' +
@step('A query for ([\w.-]+) (?:type ([A-Z0-9]+) )?(?:class ([A-Z]+) )?' +
'(?:to ([^:]+)(?::([0-9]+))? )?should have rcode ([\w.]+)')
def query(step, query_name, qtype, qclass, addr, port, rcode):
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