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[master] Add a single ChangeLog entry for #2052, #2053, #2086, #2087, #2148

parent 9550e8f9
464. [func] jelte, muks
libdns++: The LabelSequence class has been extended with some new
methods. These are mainly intended for internal development, but
the class is public, so interested users may want to look into the
(Trac #2052, 57c61f2^..dbef0e2)
(Trac #2053, 1fc2b06b57a008ec602daa2dac79939b3cc6b65d)
(Trac #2086, 3fac7d5579c5f51b8e952b50db510b45bfa986f3)
(Trac #2087, 49ad6346f574d00cfbd1d12905915fd0dd6a0bac)
(Trac #2148, 285c2845ca96e7ef89f9158f1dea8cda147b6566)
463. [func] jinmei
Python isc.dns: the Name, RRType and RRClass classes are now
hashable. So, for example, objects of these classes can be used
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