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Create user and its password by run the following command:
The user and its password is saved in file 'passwd.csv'.
This file implements user management program. The user name and
its password is saved in csv file.
import random
from hashlib import sha1
import csv
class PasswordHash(object):
def __init__(self, password_):
self.salt = "".join(chr(random.randint(33, 127)) for x in range(64))
self.saltedpw = sha1((password_ + self.salt).encode()).hexdigest()
def check_password(self, password_):
"""checks if the password is correct"""
return self.saltedpw == sha1((password_ + self.salt).encode()).hexdigest()
# Note: a secure application would never store passwords in plaintext in the source code
def check_username(name):
csvfile = open('passwd.csv')
ret = 0
reader = csv.reader(csvfile)
for row in reader:
if name == row[0]:
ret = 1
return ret
def save_info(name,pw,salt):
csvfile = open('passwd.csv', 'a')
writer = csv.writer(csvfile)
writer.writerow([name, pw, salt])
def register():
flag = True
# create the file if it doesn't exist
csvfile = open('passwd.csv', "w")
while flag :
username = input("username:")
passwd = input("passwd:")
if check_username(username):
print("the usename already exist!")
else :
pwhash = PasswordHash(passwd)
save_info(username,pwhash.saltedpw, pwhash.salt)
print("register success!")
flag = False
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