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the \ref isc::dhcp::SrvConfig object. Kea developers are actively working
on migrating the other configuration parameters to it.
@section hostmgr Host Manager
Host Manager implemented by the \ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr is a singleton object
which provides means to retrieve resources statically assigned to the DHCP
clients, such as IP addresses, prefixes or hostnames. The statically assigned
resources are called reservations (or host reservations) and they are
represented in the code by the \ref isc::dhcp::Host class.
The reservations can be specified in the configuration file or in some
other storage (typically in a database). A dedicated object, called
host data source, is needed to retrieve the host reservations from the
database. This object must implement the \ref isc::dhcp::BaseHostDataSource
interface and its implementation is specific to the type of storage
holding the reservations. For example, the host data source managing
host reservations in the MySQL database is required to establish
connection to the MySQL databse and issue specific queries. Once
implemented, the \ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr::create method must be updated
to create an instance of this datasource. Note, that this instance is
created as "alternate host data source" as opposed to the primary data
source which returns host reservations specified in the configuration file.
The primary data source is implemented internally in the
\ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr and uses the configuration data structures held by
the \ref isc::dhcp::CfgMgr to retrieve the reservations. In general, the
\ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr first searches for the reservations using the
primary data source and falls back to the use of alternate data source
when nothing has been found. For those methods which are meant to return
multiple reservations (e.g. find all reservations for the particular
client), the \ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr will use both primary and alternate
data source (if present) and concatenate results.
For more information about the \ref isc::dhcp::HostMgr please refer to its
@section optionsConfig Options Configuration Information
The \ref isc::dhcp::CfgOption object holds a collection of options being
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