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[master] changelog for #1891

parent 672f1297
427. [bug] jinmei
libdatasrc, b10-xfrin: the zone updater for database-based data
sources now correctly distinguishes NSEC3-related RRs (NSEC3 and
NSEC3-covering RRSIG) from others, and the SQLite3 implementation
now manipulates them in the separate table for the NSEC3 namespace.
As a result b10-xfrin now correctly updates NSEC3-signed zones by
inbound zone transfers.
(Trac #1891, git 672f129700dae33b701bb02069cf276238d66be3)
426. [bug] vorner
The NSEC3 records are now included when transferring a signed zone out.
(Trac #1782, git 36efa7d10ecc4efd39d2ce4dfffa0cbdeffa74b0)
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