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[master] changelog for #1622

parent 5da8f813
624. [bug] jinmei
logging: prevented multiple BIND 10 processes from generating
multiple small log files when they dumped logs to files and try
to roll over them simultaneously. This fix relies on a feature of
underling logging library (log4cplus) version 1.1.0 or higher,
so the problem can still happen if BIND 10 is built with an older
version of log4cplus. (But this is expected to happen rarely in
any case unless a verbose debug level is specified).
(Trac #1622, git 5da8f8131b1224c99603852e1574b2a1adace236)
623. [func] tmark
Created the initial, bare-bones implementation of DHCP-DDNS service
process class, D2Process, and the abstract class from which it derives,
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