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[2877] documented why we provide DEL_RNAME

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......@@ -122,6 +122,15 @@ public:
/// Each derived implementation of deleteRecordInZone() should expect
/// the "params" array to be filled with the values as described in this
/// enumeration, in this order.
/// DEL_RNAME is included in case the reversed from is more convenient
/// for the underlying implementation to identify the record to be
/// deleted (reversed names are generally easier to sort, which may help
/// perform the search faster). It's up to the underlying implementation
/// which one (or both) it uses for the search. DEL_NAME and DEL_RNAME
/// are mutually convertible with the understanding of DNS names, and
/// in that sense redundant. But both are provided so the underlying
/// implementation doesn't have to deal with DNS level concepts.
enum DeleteRecordParams {
DEL_NAME = 0, ///< The owner name of the record (a domain name)
///< or the hash label for deleteNSEC3RecordInZone()
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