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[master] ChangeLog updated, missed review correction fixed.

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1176. [doc] tomek
Developer's Guide has been updated.
(trac #4299, git ed38076c183394feaef60e7123d0c488c9f6447d)
1175. [bug] marcin
Corrected a bug whereby a client, for which there was no
host reservation specified, did not obtain an IPv6 lease
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ as possible. If you are thinking about developing new ways to
configure Kea, the recommendation is to write an external piece of
software that will communicate with Kea using this channel.
@section configBackendHistoric Historic Notes
@section configBackendHistoric Alternate Configuration Backends
While this section currently has no practical value, it may become useful
one day to develop a minimalistic, stripped down Kea version that does
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