Commit dee286da authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[trac491] rest of review comments

updated a comment description, and moved caching of answers to after the response classifier has run
parent d22c9609
......@@ -207,6 +207,11 @@ private:
question_, incoming, cname_target, cname_count_, true);
bool found_ns_address = false;
// If the packet is OK, store it in the cache
if (!isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::error(category)) {
switch (category) {
case isc::resolve::ResponseClassifier::ANSWER:
......@@ -396,11 +401,23 @@ public:
// until that one comes back to us)
done_ = true;
if (resume && !answer_sent_) {
// If we have a full successful answer, let's store that
// as well
// (note: we can either do this or only cache answers
// we receive, but in that case we'd need to re-do all
// answer processing, e.g. cname handling etc)
// There are two types of messages we could store in the
// cache;
// 1. answers to our fetches from authoritative servers,
// exactly as we receive them, and
// 2. answers to queries we received from clients, which
// have received additional processing (following CNAME
// chains, for instance)
// Doing only the first would mean we would have to re-do
// processing when we get data from our cache, and doing
// only the second would miss out on the side-effect of
// having nameserver data in our cache.
// So right now we do both. Since the cache (currently)
// stores Messages on their question section only, this
// does mean that we overwrite the messages we stored in
// the previous iteration if we are following a delegation.
......@@ -429,9 +446,6 @@ public:
InputBuffer ibuf(buffer_->getData(), buffer_->getLength());
// let's first dunk it into our cache
if (upstream_->size() == 0 &&
incoming.getRcode() == Rcode::NOERROR()) {
done_ = handleRecursiveAnswer(incoming);
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