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[master] added changelog for #2470

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529. [func]* team
The in-memory data source now uses a more complete master file
parser to load textual zone files. As of this change it supports
multi-line RR representation and more complete support for escaped
and quoted strings. It also produces more helpful log when there
is an error in the zone file. It will be enhanced as more
specific tasks in the #2368 meta ticket are completed. The new
parser is generally upper compatible to the previous one, but due
to the tighter checks some input that has been accepted so far
could now be rejected, so it's advisable to check if you use
textual zone files directly loaded to memory.
(Trac #2470, git c4cf36691115c15440b65cac16f1c7fcccc69521)
528. [func] marcin
Implemented definitions for DHCPv4 option definitions identified
by option codes: 1 to 63, 77, 81-82, 90-92, 118-119, 124-125.
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