Commit e6eb21d5 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] add entry for #1627

note I can't find the git hash for the merge so
picked some individual commit.
parent 8cbcf494
bind10-devel-20120517 released on May 17. 2012
440. [func] muks
bindctl: improved some error messages so they will be more
helpful. Those include the one when the zone name is unspecified
or the name is invalid in the b10-auth configuration.
(Trac #1627, git 1a4d0ae65b2c1012611f4c15c5e7a29d65339104)
439. [func] jinmei
The in-memory data source can now load zones from the
sqlite3 data source, so that zones stored in the database
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