Commit e891b069 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[master] Finished merge of trac5186 (config-test vs unregister timers)

parent c48f99bb
1250. [bug] fdupont
Do not unregister timers when running the config-test command.
(Trac #5186, git xxx)
1249. [bug] tmark
The assigned lease statistics were not being probably adjusted
by either kea-dhcp4 or kea-dhcp6 when reclaimed expired leases
were reissued.
(Trac #5247 git 4e5193fb32b14325ccf5824614e58bcceb3e6388)
(Trac #5247, git 4e5193fb32b14325ccf5824614e58bcceb3e6388)
1248. [bug] marcin
Improved socket connection handling code, corrected numerous
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