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[2541] Documentation and cleanup

don't duplicate the duplicate zone check in sqlite3 accessor's addZone()
added documentation
parent 3a5d06d3
......@@ -379,15 +379,24 @@ public:
"Data source doesn't support getZoneCount");
// It first checks if the specified name of the zone exists. If it
// exists it returns false; otherwise it adds information of the
// new zone in backend-dependent manner and returns true.
// The DB-based version of this method would perform the check and add in
// a single transaction.
// Throws on any unexpected failure.
// Default implementation throws isc::NotImplemented
/// \brief Create a zone in the database
/// Creates a new (empty) zone in the data source backend, which
/// can subsequently be filled with data (through getUpdater()).
/// \note This is a tentative API, and this method is likely to change
/// or be removed in the near future.
/// Apart from the two exceptions mentioned below, in theory this
/// call can throw anything, depending on the implementation of
/// the datasource backend.
/// \throw NotImplemented If the datasource backend does not support
/// direct zone creation.
/// \throw DataSourceError If something goes wrong in the data source
/// while creating the zone.
/// \param name The (fully qualified) name of the zone to create
/// \return True if the zone was added, false if it already existed
virtual bool createZone(const dns::Name&) {
"Data source doesn't support addZone");
......@@ -180,14 +180,12 @@ public:
/// \brief Add a new zone to the database
/// This method creates a new (and empty) zone in the database.
/// If a zone with the given name exists already, its zone_id value is
/// returned. Otherwise it is created, and the newly created zone_id
/// is returned.
/// Given the above, implementations should first do a lookup for the
/// given zone, and return the id if it exists.
/// Like for addRecordToZone, implementations are not required to
/// check for the existence of the given zone name, it is the
/// responsibility of the caller to do so.
/// Callers must start a transaction before calling this method,
/// Callers must also start a transaction before calling this method,
/// implementations may throw DataSourceError if this has not been done.
/// Callers should also expect DataSourceErrors for other potential
/// problems.
......@@ -1393,7 +1391,18 @@ public:
/// should use it as a ZoneFinder only.
virtual FindResult findZone(const isc::dns::Name& name) const;
virtual bool createZone(const isc::dns::Name&);
/// \brief Create a zone in the database
/// This method implements \c DataSourceClient::createZone()
/// It starts a transaction, checks if the zone exists, and if it
/// does not, creates it, commits, and returns true. If the zone
/// does exist already, it does nothing (except abort the transaction)
/// and returns false.
/// \param name The (fully qualified) name of the zone to create
/// \return True if the zone was added, false if it already existed
virtual bool createZone(const isc::dns::Name& name);
/// \brief Get the zone iterator
......@@ -624,21 +624,18 @@ SQLite3Accessor::addZone(const std::string& name) {
"data source without transaction");
// First check if the zone exists, if it does, do nothing and
// return false
std::pair<bool, int> getzone_result = getZone(name);
if (getzone_result.first) {
return (getzone_result.second);
StatementProcessor proc(*dbparameters_, ADD_ZONE, "add zone");
proc.bindText(1, name.c_str(), SQLITE_TRANSIENT);
proc.bindText(2, class_.c_str(), SQLITE_TRANSIENT);
// There are tricks to getting this in one go, but it is safer
// to do a new lookup
getzone_result = getZone(name);
// to do a new lookup (sqlite3_last_insert_rowid is unsafe
// regarding threads and triggers). This requires two
// statements, and is unpredictable in the case a zone is added
// twice, but this method assumes the caller does not do that
// anyway
std::pair<bool, int> getzone_result = getZone(name);
return (getzone_result.second);
......@@ -135,24 +135,23 @@ public:
* \brief Add a zone
* This implements the addZone from DatabaseAccessor and adds an (empty)
* zone into the zones table. If the zone exists already, nothing is done,
* and the id of the existing zone is returned. Otherwise, the zone is
* created, and its id is returned (unless it raises an exception).
* zone into the zones table. If the zone exists already, it is still
* added, so the caller should make sure this does not happen (by making
* sure the zone does not exist). In the case of duplicate addition,
* it is undefined which zone id is returned.
* The class of the newly created zone is the class passed at construction
* time of the accessor.
* Because this method performs a lookup and probably an assert, it
* requires a transaction has been started (with \c beginTransaction)
* by the caller.
* This method requires a transaction has been started (with
* \c beginTransaction) by the caller.
* \exception DataSourceError if no transaction is active, or if there
* is an SQLite3 error when performing the
* queries.
* \param name The origin name of the zone to add
* \return the id of the zone (either an existing one if the zone exists
* already, or the id of the newly created zone).
* \return the id of the zone that has been added
virtual int addZone(const std::string& name);
......@@ -681,16 +681,11 @@ TEST_F(SQLite3Create, addZone) {
// Calling addZone without transaction should fail
ASSERT_THROW(accessor->addZone(zone_name), DataSourceError);
// Add the zone. Since it does not exist yet, it should return true
// Add the zone. Returns the new zone id
const int new_zone_id = accessor->addZone(zone_name);
// Calling addZone again should return the same zone id
ASSERT_EQ(new_zone_id, accessor->addZone(zone_name));
// Check that it exists now, but has no records at this point
const std::pair<bool, int> zone_info2(accessor->getZone(zone_name));
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