Commit ededfc86 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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adjust report-cpp-coverage make target

exclude include/ so will remove /usr/local/include too

also add a hack to change the paths to be consistent
in the case that the directory the job is done in is a symlink
to another directory.
(Alternative method would be to run the lcov tool multiple times
for each path and set the base-directory switch plus add-tracefile
switch to combine.)

I didn't get this reviewed. I am under assuption that this make target
is rarely used.
parent a6c7bda2
......@@ -78,14 +78,15 @@ report-cpp-coverage:
ext/coroutine/\* \
gtest/\* \
log4cplus/\* \
usr/include/\* \
include/\* \
tests/\* \
unittests/\* \
\* \
\* \
\*_unittests.h \
--output ; \
$(GENHTML) --legend -o $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-cpp-html ; \
sed -e "s|$(abs_top_srcdir)|$(abs_top_builddir)|g" < > ; \
$(GENHTML) --legend -o $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-cpp-html ; \
echo "Generated C++ Code Coverage report in HTML at $(abs_top_builddir)/coverage-cpp-html" ; \
else \
echo "C++ code coverage not enabled at configuration time." ; \
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