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372. [func] vorner
When the allocation of a socket fails for a different reason than the
socket not being provided by the OS, the b10-auth and b10-resolver abort,
as the system might be in inconsistent state after such error.
(Trac #1543, git 49ac4659f15c443e483922bf9c4f2de982bae25d)
371. [bug] jelte
The new query handling module of b10-auth (currently only used with
the in-memory data source) now correctly includes the DS record (or
the denial of its existence if NSEC is used) when returning a
delegation from a signed zone.
(Trac #1573, bd7a3ac98177573263950303d4b2ea7400781d0f)
(Trac #1573, git bd7a3ac98177573263950303d4b2ea7400781d0f)
370. [func] jinmei
libdns++: a new class NSEC3Hash was introduced as a utility for
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