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[support8785] std::exception, not just isc::Exception is caught

  If std::exception would be thrown anywhere in message processing
  in Dhcp4Srv::run(), we would not catch it. In principle, that
  should never happen, as the Kea code only throws isc::Exception
  derivatives, but maybe some of the system or boost calls could
  throw std::exception.
parent 8b42a077
......@@ -617,11 +617,12 @@ Dhcpv4Srv::run() {
// "switch" statement.
} catch (const isc::Exception& e) {
} catch (const std::exception& e) {
// Catch-all exception (at least for ones based on the isc Exception
// class, which covers more or less all that are explicitly raised
// in the Kea code). Just log the problem and ignore the packet.
// Catch-all exception (we used to call only isc::Exception, but
// std::exception could potentially be raised and if we don't catch
// it here, it would be caught in main() and the process would
// terminate). Just log the problem and ignore the packet.
// (The problem is logged as a debug message because debug is
// disabled by default - it prevents a DDOS attack based on the
// sending of problem packets.)
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