Commit fa6a9dbe authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] update changelog for merge of 1626

JSON parser improvements
parent 3b092685
419. [bug] jelte
JSON handler has been improved; escaping now works correctly
(including quotes in strings), and it now rejects more types of
malformed input.
(Trac #1626, git 3b09268518e4e90032218083bcfebf7821be7bd5)
418. [bug] vorner
Fixed crash in bindctl when config unset was called.
(Trac #1715, 098da24dddad497810aa2787f54126488bb1095c)
(Trac #1715, git 098da24dddad497810aa2787f54126488bb1095c)
417. [bug] jelte
The notify-out code now looks up notify targets in their correct
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