Commit fc97ca7d authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] added changelog entries for #915 and #914

parent 78502c02
242. [func] jinmei
xfrin: added support for TSIG verify. This change completes TSIG
support in b10-xfrin.
(Trac #914, git 78502c021478d97672232015b7df06a7d52e531b)
241. [func] jinmei
pydnspp: added python extension for the TSIG API introduced in
change 235.
(Trac #905, git 081891b38f05f9a186814ab7d1cd5c572b8f777f)
(Trac #915, git 0555ab65d0e43d03b2d40c95d833dd050eea6c23)
240. [func]* jelte
Updated configuration options to Xfrin, so that you can specify
a master address, port, and TSIG key per zone. Still only one per
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