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    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [5110] Addressed review comments part 1 · 0fe888f4
      Thomas Markwalder authored
          Fixed unused parameter errors
          Fixed doxygen errors
          Commentary changes
          Removed reference to .spec file from commentary
          TSIGKeyListParser now uses only one instance of TSIGKeyInfoParser
          src/bin/d2/d2_parser.yy -  added upper limit to port tests
          Updated unit tests to use "example.com"
  9. 26 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [5110] Added alternate parsing hooks into DController and DCfgMgrBase · 4a5e73f7
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      In order to accomodate bison parsing for JSON text and SimpleParser
      based element parsing, virtual methods were added to allow derivations
      to migrate.
          DCfgMgrBase::parseElement() - new method to allow derivaitons
          to support alternate Element parsers on a element by element basis
          DCfgMgrBase::buildAndCommit() - added call to parseElement()
          DControllerBase::parseFile() - new method to allow derivations
          to use alternate JSON parsers
          DControllerBase::configFromFile() - added call to parseFile()
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    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3769] DHCPv6 now uses PID file · 5776ee0c
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Added PID file creation to DHCP6
          -  added log DHCP6_ALREADY_RUNNING
          - added logic to create the PID and catch
          exception specific to PID conflict
          - exports KEA_PIDFILE_DIR
          - added call to server_pid_file_test
          - main(int argc, char* argv[])
          sets env var KEA_PIDFILE_DIR
    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [3769] Added env var,KEA_PIDFILE_DIR; D2 now uses a PIDFile · d743c5f2
      Thomas Markwalder authored
          Daemon::Daemon() - Constructor will now override the default PID
          directory with the value of env variable KEA_PIDFILE_DIR.  This
          provides a simple means to alter the value for tests.
          Added am_file_author_ flag so Daemon instances will only delete
          a file they have written.
          - verify_server_pid() - new function which verifies that a server has a PID file
          and that it contains the server's PID, and that the process is alive.
          - added export of KEA_PIDFILE_DIR to override default PID directory during tests
      Added PID file creation to D2
          - DControllerBase::launch() - Added block to createPIDFile()
          -DControllerBase::parseArgs() Replaced call to Daemon::init()
          with call to Daemon::setConfigFile()
          - added export of KEA_PIDFILE_DIR to override default PID directory during tests
          - dupcliate_server_start_test() - new test which verifies that D2 cannot be
          started twice (with the same configuration file)
          - main(int argc, char* argv[]) sets environment variable KEA_PIDFILE_DIR
           to override default PID diretory during tests
          Changed PIDFile::check() to return either the PID contained in the PID file
          if the process is alive, or 0, rather than bool.  This permits callers
          to see/log the PID.
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    • Shawn Routhier's avatar
      [trac3808] Enhance logging for D2 · 2becffcd
      Shawn Routhier authored
      Split the logging into three loggers
       config & general
       dhcp to d2
       d2 to dns (and back)
      Print out a request ID for each NCR event.  Currently this is the
      DHCID but it could be changed in the future to allow for comparing
      log entries between DHCP servers and D2.
      Fix up some typos I ran across while reading the code
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    • Thomas Markwalder's avatar
      [trac3470] Replace static containers with shared pointers in SignalSet · 79014890
      Thomas Markwalder authored
      Changed the functions, getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates()
      to instantiate static shared pointers and return these, rather than
      raw pointers to statically declared containers.
      Added private shared pointer members to SignalSet, registered_signals_
      and signal_states_.  These are initialized within SignalSet constructors
      by calling the functions getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates()
      respectively.  This ensures that both static lists remain inscope until
      all SignalSets have been destroyed.
      Replaced use of getRegisteredSignals() and getSignalStates() with
      new private members, registered_signals_ and signal_states_.
      Removed work-around code in src/bin/d2/d_controller.cc put in place
      until this ticket was resolved.
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    • Marcin Siodelski's avatar
      [3534] Logger configuration can be rolled back. · 24154b6c
      Marcin Siodelski authored
      Previously, the logger configuration was applied (to log4cplus) as soon as
      it was parsed. We decided in the jabber discussion that the logger
      configuration should only be applied if the whole configuration goes
      through. So, the logger configuration is now 2-stage: parsing and commit
      as for other configuration parameters.