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      [1213] Changes to get BIND 10 to perform IXFR · a95e9588
      Stephen Morris authored
      At the time of commit, BIND 10 can only do IXFR if requested through
      the "Xfrin retransfer" command.  Also, it only does IXFRs over TCP.
      It does not do IXFRs over UDP, not can it respond to NOTIFYs or send
      an IXFR request when the refresh timer expires.
      In these changes:
      1) Only test in-2 is finished.  (Even then, not fully: BIND 10 does
      not attempt a UDP IXFR before reverting to TCP, it initiates a TCP
      session immediately.) The remaining tests test features that have not
      been implemented yet.
      2) The BIND 10 configuration database is now copied to the nsx2
      directories before each test (so there is now only one copy of it).
      The zone.sqlite3 database now resides in the "ixfr" test directory.
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      [1213] Initial commit of changes · f1a85d0c
      Stephen Morris authored
      The ixfr tests are in the tools/system/ixfr directory.  To simplify
      things, each test is in a subdirectory of that, with the common
      data files in ixfr itself.
      This commit got the starting and stopping of the nameservers for the
      first test running, and created some basic data files.
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