1. 15 Mar, 2011 5 commits
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      [trac641] Added destructor to TestResolver to cure memory leaks · e0122c1e
      Stephen Morris authored
      Reverted ZoneEntry to the original version and added the destructor
      to TestResolver to call all the saved callbacks.  This breaks
      internal shared_ptr loops, allowing the NSAS to destoy itself
      gracefully, and avoiding memory leaks.
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      [trac641] Random number generator now throws exceptions on error · f1f8de8a
      Stephen Morris authored
      Previously when compiled without NDEBUG set it did, if a check
      failed it called assert().  The tests checks for this using
      ASSERT_DEATH.  However, ASSERT_DEATH leaks memory and this was
      obscuring the valgrind output.  The changes here cause an exception
      to be thrown (instead of a call to abort()) in the case of an error
      and the unit tests now EXPECT_THROW instead of ASSERT_DEATH.
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      [trac641] Remove callback objects's shared pointers to ZoneEntry · 6a34b543
      Stephen Morris authored
      The ZoneEntry object was creating a callback and keeping a shared
      pointer to it, but the callback was also using a shared pointer to
      link back to the ZoneEntry.  This change removed the shared pointers
      in the callback objects - they now use a "raw" pointer to point back
      to the ZoneEntry.
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      [trac641] Change headers to use C++-style comments · c416ba80
      Stephen Morris authored
      ... to make it easier to comment out sets of tests for debugging.
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      [trac641] First part of tackling memory leaks · ddb07c03
      Stephen Morris authored
      In the NSAS, store a pointer to the resolver as a "raw" pointer,
      not a shared pointer.  The NSAS is part of the resolver, although
      it can call back into the resolver.  If both store a shared pointer
      to each other we can have the case where the reference counts can
      never drop to zero.
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