1. 19 Sep, 2012 1 commit
  2. 13 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      [2179] fixed the lost of default statistics data · 68a15b9b
      Naoki Kambe authored
      If some values of a module were not changed from default values, these default
      values were removed from statistics data of the stats module even if other
      changed values were preserved. That is, it didn't fully support the
      differential updates. It is now fixed to preserve it.
  3. 09 Aug, 2012 7 commits
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      [2179] Supported a identifier in isc.cc.data e.g. "xxx/yyy/zzz[i]" · 2c097fad
      Naoki Kambe authored
      If a target module returns data whose key name is such a identifier type, the
      stats module can identify statistics data. The stats module checks the
      validation of data even if such a identifier is specified. But when the stats
      shows statistics data e.g. via bindctl, this type of identifier is not shown
      for now.
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      [2179] Supported a named_set data type · 41085877
      Naoki Kambe authored
      A named_set data type is supported in a spec file in each module for
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      [2179] Supported differential statistics updates of Stats · 3e377dea
      Naoki Kambe authored
      Stats updates corresponding statistics data which each module returns.  For
      that, the method "update_statistics_data()" was updated to merge recursively
      old value and new value each other. As for this merging, a new method
      "merge_oldnew" was introduced into stats.py. This method is intended to be
      internally used so far.
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      [2136] corrected the improper test · 4b19f8ee
      Naoki Kambe authored
      Not self.stats.mccs.specification but self.stats.modules['Stats'] should be set
      the invalid spec_module into. And it should check whether StatsError is raised
      by setting the owner to the self module name in the argument of command_show.
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      [2136] removed the do_polling method from the __init__ method of stats.Stats() · 37ce3a04
      Naoki Kambe authored
      Because do_polling() is done when the show command is invoked, the do_polling
      method didn't need to be done when the stats is starting.  Related to this
      change, the b10-stats_test.py was changed. do_polling() is inserted before the
      assertion of statistics_data.
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      [2136] removed an unnecessary loop · ec6716e2
      Naoki Kambe authored
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      [2136] revised the internal method _accum() · 003d0276
      Naoki Kambe authored
      - Other conditions are considered. One case is that two args are string type,
        another case is that either of them is None type.
      - _accum() was moved to outside of the Stats class for testing it individually.
      - revised the FIXME description in update_statistics_data() according to the
        above changes
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