1. 19 Sep, 2012 1 commit
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  3. 08 Aug, 2012 10 commits
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      [2136] Changes regarding the test config file · e0a964e8
      Naoki Kambe authored
      - moved b10-config_test.db from src/bin/stats/tests to
      - renamed its name to b10-config.db
      - changed its format to multiline
      These changes are due to the reviewer's comment.
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      [2136] Re-indent code · edb6cc58
      Mukund Sivaraman authored
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      [2136] Updated the do_polling method · 6efc1e2e
      Naoki Kambe authored
      A list of instances for stats to request is obtained from the show_processes
      command of Boss instead of asking the components config of Boss.
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      [2136] Revised the test scripts and the config db file · e60a5349
      Naoki Kambe authored
      - Fixed the incorrect previous fix.
        There should not be the inconsistency on number of mock Auth instances on
        both test scripts: b10-stats_test.py and b10-stats-httpd_test.py. In the
        previous change, there was the inconsistency in MockBoss class. Actually in
        b10-stats-httpd_test.py, the number of auth instances which Cfgmgr answers
        was four, but the number of actually invoked auth instances was one.
      - Reduce the number of invoked mock Auth instances
        In theses test scripts, multiple Auth instances need to be invoked. But if
        four instances are actually invoked in these scripts, open files(ulimit -n)
        exceeds 256. In the environment where ulimit -n was set to 256, the
        b10-stats-httpd_test.py test failed actually.  In that case,
        b10-stats-httpd_test.py needs open files more than 256.  So the number of the
        auth instances in mock modules was reduced into 2 in the scripts. This fix is
        for the comment at #2136.
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      [2136] Fixed unfinished MockAuth objects · 156fa6fb
      Naoki Kambe authored
      The extra MockAuth objects didn't shut down in
      BaseModules.shutdown(). But these weren't needed for unittest of stats
      httpd. So setting up and shutting up of them were moved to
      b10-stats_test.py from test_utils.py.
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    • Naoki Kambe's avatar
      [2136] do group_sendmsg too all modules then do group_recvmsg in · 4c67dd80
      Naoki Kambe authored
      do_polling for efficiency
      Also added setting timeout value to one second for precise and
      refactoring timeout handling
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      [2136] added some misc changes · 9d21102f
      Naoki Kambe authored
      Changes in b10-stats_test.py:
       - added deeply checking statistics values of each of module and
       - added stats_server.shutdown() at the end of the test_config method.
         Because the running stats_server was never shut down even after
         stats_server.run() was invoked.
      Changes in test_utils.py:
       - Changed the way of invoking multiple auth instances just for efficiency
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      [2136] renamed 'pid' to 'mid' and change the default value -1 to None on · 2e760ad9
      Naoki Kambe authored
      the second argument of the the 'update_statistics_data' method
      Instead of PID(Process Id) used in previous version of stats codes,
      'mid' (module id) is used for identifying multiple instances of same
      module. 'lname' of CC-session in stats codes is assigned to it.
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  4. 24 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      [2136] revised test_util.py miscellaneously · ef4095ef
      Naoki Kambe authored
      * change of b10-config dbfile
      * update specfile of MockBoss
      * invoking three extra Auth modules at a time in the BaseModules class
      * implement 'getstats' command in each mock module
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  10. 01 Nov, 2011 1 commit
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      [917] add some minor changes · d5ec22cc
      Naoki Kambe authored
      - set minOccurs "0" if item_optional is True
      - prepare table tag before going through list-type item
      - use item_title instead of item_name if item_title is set
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