1. 05 Feb, 2013 2 commits
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      [master] remove __pycache__ directory with distclean · ee5c6633
      Jeremy C. Reed authored
      (reported by emhn: left over after a distclean)
      Some of the makefiles clear that but not that one. We do
      automate the distclean (via distcheck) as part of our
      buildfarm. But I think this __pycache__ was introduced in python3.2 and
      those build systems don't have it.
      This is trivial so didn't get review.
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      [master] don't include run.sh in distfile · 6eb06132
      Jeremy C. Reed authored
      The run.sh.in is in the distfile.
      (issue reported by emhn: was removed with distclean but was in tarball)
      Trivial so didn't get review.
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