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How Artificial Intelligence Is Set To Transform Online Games In 2019

The world is producing humongous amounts of data every day. Would you believe we are creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day? A quintillion is 10006. The head reels if you think of the dimensions of such a huge number, and one big fallout of this amount of data is that there is a pressing need to harvest it and make sense of it. This has facilitated the entry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in several facets of our life including the online gaming industry. AI is not only something whose need is created by the huge amounts of data being created, but it is also fuelled by big data.

Many online games based on AI will definitely blow your mind

Lots of single player and multiplayer online games are being based on artificial intelligence. While there are a number of AI-based single player online games (some of which we will discuss below), there are multiplayer games as well which you can play with your partner. Many online games couples based on AI will definitely blow your mind and will give you the opportunity to have a great time with your partner.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We are aware of the mathematical and computational powers of computers. When lots of data have been given to a computer, it would easily crunch that data within seconds and give you the results. But this still made it different from humans and human thinking capabilities. Humans could, in addition to computation, also do several other things. Some of these were recognizing speech, making decisions, and understanding several languages. All these skills have now been made available in computer systems, and this is called artificial intelligence. AI refers to computer systems which exhibit the capability to mimic human thinking, logic, and decision making.

Some Common Applications of AI

We are only scratching the surface of the immense AI capabilities that are possible. Even then, there are already a large number of applications already being seen. We are hearing of hotels and factories in which the manpower is almost entirely made up of robots with AI capabilities. But AI is being used in less conventional places too. Some examples are brewing of beer, identification of fish, training of horses, to name but a few. Governments are investing huge amounts for more serious purposes.

AI has already made great inroads into cybersecurity

The wars of the future will be fought over cybersecurity more than with tanks and guns. AI has already made great inroads into cybersecurity. We are also seeing increased use of AI in the medical profession. This has allowed much better diagnosing even for difficult diseases like cancer. One more area which is seeing increased usage of AI is the legal profession. Lawyers are using the help of AI to quickly make sense of the humongous amount of data related to earlier case files. At home, we are already seeing the growing use of AI-powered voice assistants. These are just a few examples; the potential for AI applications is huge.

Possible Applications of AI in Gaming

When we think of the best free online games to play on the mobile and PC's browser, we imagine a linear structure of the game. For an action A, there could be outcome B or C. But with the use of artificial intelligence, the number of possible outcomes is increased manifold. The reaction of the players to all these options is also quite different from a regular non-AI game. That is why the injection of AI into a game makes it similar to the real world which has countless possibilities. The companies that create games can also benefit from AI. Gamers’ behaviors during games can give insights into what works and what doesn’t. This would be a great help while designing new games.

A Few AI Initiatives in Gaming

Gamers’ behaviors during games can give insights into what works and what doesn’t

Google has come up with a few initial interactive games which try to highlight the power of AI. One of them asks you to draw pictures in 20 seconds. You can use your mouse or your touchscreen to draw. The program tries to understand what it is that you are drawing. It shouts out its guess, and it turns out that the guess is right more than 50% of the time. As machine learning is used more and more, the accuracy is expected to improve.

The second initiative is in the recognition of sounds. You can play some notes of music using a piano app, and the program tries to come up with a matching note. The more you play this, the better the responses become.

The idea at the core of the possible success of AI in gaming is an iteration. Just like humans learn by doing, these programs pick up knowledge by repetition. Let us look at the following two actual games that have already displayed the power of artificial intelligence in the last two decades.

1) Jeopardy

This is an interesting gaming application of a supercomputer actually designed for more serious work

This is a quiz show that had been airing on television for many decades back. IBM used its supercomputer Watson as a player. As many as 7 years ago, Watson was able to use its machine learning and artificial intelligence code to defeat former Jeopardy champions. This is an interesting gaming application of a supercomputer actually designed for more serious work.

2. Robo Chess

You have to play Chess against a Robo in this brain game. The Robo is not only intelligent enough to present some tough competition, but it also talks. The game rules are the same as in any other chess game. You can play this game at site mantigames.


You have to play Chess against a Robo in this brain game

The increasing use of AI in online games will work on both sides of the battlefield. It will help the player become smarter, but it is also expected that the non-playing elements of the game will become smarter too. This will provide a richer gaming experience for players. Just like AI is set to change every other aspect of our lives, gaming is also set to be affected. The sky barely seems to be the limit now. Let us see what 2019 brings! They may be top best free online multiplayer games you must try at least once or more than that.

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