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BIND 9.8.0
DNS64 support (AAAA synthesis only initially).
BIND 9.8.0 includes a number of changes from BIND 9.7 and earlier
releases. New features include:
- Built-in trust anchor for the root zone, which can be
switched on via "dnssec-validation auto;"
- Support for DNS64.
- Support for response policy zones (RPZ).
- Support for writable DLZ zones.
- Improved ease of configuration of GSS/TSIG for
interoperability with Active Directory
- Support for GOST signing algorithm for DNSSEC.
- Removed RTT Banding from server selection algorithm.
- New "static-stub" zone type.
- Allow configuration of resolver timeouts via
"resolver-query-timeout" option.
- The DLZ "dlopen" driver is now built by default.
- Added a new include file with function typedefs
for the DLZ "dlopen" driver.
- Made "--with-gssapi" default.
- More verbose error reporting from DLZ LDAP.
BIND 9.7.0
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