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[master] add branchsync to util

Script to sync release branch to subscription branch.
parent 625ee5d0
# branchsync:
# pull in changes from a main BIND 9 release branch to a subscription
# branch (e.g., from v9_9 to v9_9_sub). This excludes commits from the
# 'tinderbox' user (copyright updates and doc regeneration) because those
# will be taken care of in the subscription branch itself.
# Most of the time, changes in the main branch will cherry-pick cleanly
# into the subscription branch. When one fails, we reset to the last
# commit that went cleanly, and send mail -- or, if running in interactive
# mode, we stop and allow the user to resolve conflicts.
# Usage:
# [ -i ] [ -c ]
# -i: interactive mode (don't reset and send mail)
# -c: continue (conflicts are resolved; edit message and commit)
savehash () {
cat <<EOF > $
mv -f $ $1
git add branchsync.dat
thisbranch () {
git branch | grep '^\*' | cut -b3-
docommit () {
git log -1 --pretty=format:%s%n%b $2 > orig_commit_msg.tmp
firstline=`head -1 orig_commit_msg.tmp | sed 's/^\[[a-z0-9_]*\] //'`
tail -n +2 orig_commit_msg.tmp > remainder.tmp
firstline="[$BRANCH] $firstline"
echo $firstline > commit_msg.tmp
cat remainder.tmp >> commit_msg.tmp
echo "pulled from $1 by script." >> commit_msg.tmp
echo "hash: $2" >> commit_msg.tmp
msg=`cat commit_msg.tmp`
rm -f orig_commit_msg.tmp commit_msg.tmp remainder.tmp
git commit --no-verify --no-edit -m "$msg" || exit 1
. branchsync.dat
# check arguments
case $1 in
'-i') interactive=yes
*) if [ $# -ne 0 ]; then
echo "Usage: $0 [ -i ] [ -c ]" 1>&2
exit 1
if [ -z "$continuing" ]; then
status=`git status -suno`
if [ -n "$status" ]; then
echo "Work tree is not clean. Clean up, or run with -c:"
echo "$status"
exit 1
# make sure both branches are synced to the source repository
git pull origin $BRANCH
git checkout -f $SOURCEBRANCH
git pull origin $SOURCEBRANCH
git checkout -f $BRANCH
# loop through commits looking for ones that should be cherry-picked
git log $SOURCEBRANCH --reverse --format='%H %aN' $LASTHASH..$SOURCEBRANCH | \
grep -v Tinderbox | cut -d' ' -f1 | {
while read hash; do
if git cherry-pick -xn ${hash}; then
# cherry-pick was clean
# restore the copyrights file
git checkout HEAD -- util/copyrights
# note which hash we've merged
savehash branchsync.dat $SOURCEBRANCH $hash
# fix the commit message, and commit
docommit $SOURCEBRANCH $hash
# move on to the next commit
elif [ -n "$interactive" ]; then
# interactive mode -- wait for user to fix things
git checkout HEAD -- util/copyrights
# note which hash we've merged
savehash branchsync.dat $SOURCEBRANCH $hash
# noninteractive mode
# reset everything
git reset --hard
# build mail message
MESSAGE="Attempt to cherry pick ${hash}\nto $BRANCH failed."
MESSAGE=$MESSAGE"\nCommit message of change was:\n"
MESSAGE=$MESSAGE"`git log -1 --pretty=format:%s%n%b ${hash}`"
subject="Branch sync to $BRANCH failed"
# send mail
echo "$MESSAGE" | mail -s "$subject" bind-changes
......@@ -158,6 +158,9 @@ find util -depth -type d -print | xargs rmdir 2>/dev/null
# Remove all .gitignore files
find . -name .gitignore -print | xargs rm
# Remove branchsync.dat, if present
rm -f branchsync.dat
# populate srcid file
echo "SRCID=$shorthash" > srcid
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