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in the other README files.
Change Log
A detailed list of all changes to BIND 9 is included in the
file CHANGES, with the most recent changes listed first.
Change notes include tags indicating the category of the
change that was made; these categories are:
[func] New feature
[bug] General bug fix
[security] Fix for a significant security flaw
[experimental] Used for new features when the syntax
or other aspects of the design are still
in flux and may change
[port] Portability enhancement
[maint] Updates to built-in data such as root
server addresses and keys
[tuning] Changes to built-in configuration defaults
and constants to improve performanceo
[protocol] Updates to the DNS protocol such as new
RR types
[test] Changes to the automatic tests, not
affecting server functionality
[cleanup] Minor corrections and refactoring
[doc] Documentation
In general, [func] and [experimental] tags will only appear
in new-feature releases (i.e., those with version numbers
ending in zero). Some new functionality may be backported to
older releases on a case-by-case basis. All other change
types may be applied to all currently-supported releases.
Bug Reports and Mailing Lists
Bugs reports should be sent to
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