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<section xml:id="relnotes_issues"><info><title>Known Issues</title></info>
A recent change in the <filename>named.conf</filename> parser
resulted in <command>allow-update</command> being treated as a
configuration error when set at the <command>options</command> or
<command>view</command> level. This is not a secure configuration
and the use of the option in this manner is ill-advised. However,
in this release it should have been treated as a warning rather
than a fatal error. This flaw was discovered too late to be
fixed in 9.14.0, but it will be corrected in the 9.14.1
maintenance release: global <command>allow-update</command> will
again be permitted, but a warning will be logged.
<section xml:id="relnotes_features"><info><title>New Features</title></info> <section xml:id="relnotes_features"><info><title>New Features</title></info>
<itemizedlist> <itemizedlist>
<listitem> <listitem>
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