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ISC's GitLab hosts the BIND 9, Kea, ISC-DHCP, and open source and related projects.



Accounts with no legitimate activity will be blocked after a day and deleted after a week. You need to participate right away after you open the account. Open an issue, comment on issue, or enable 2fa to prevent your account from being blocked and deleted.

Any SEO text will be deleted within a very short period of time, so if you came here for back links you are just wasting your time.

This unfortunate measure was put in place due to the high volume of spam accounts. Because of that, we highly advise you to create an user account only if you plan to report a bug report for BIND 9, Kea, ISC-DHCP or any other ISC open source project or otherwise participate in the development of such projects.

After recent surge of Issue Spam, we had to block couple of domains (mostly providing free email) used by spammers. If you can't use any other domain, write an emails to bind-users or kea-users mailing list with an introduction. We understand this is bothersome, but ISC GitLab has been targetted by spammers and we would rather work on the code than fight spam.

Internet Systems Consortium's GitLab
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