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CHANGES, release note

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5456. [func] Added "primaries" as a synonym for "masters" in
named.conf, and "primary-only" as a synonym for
"master-only" in the parameters to "notify",
in order to bring terminology up to date with
RFC 8499. [GL #1948]
5455. [bug] `named` could crash when cleaning dead nodes
in lib/dns/rbtdb.c that have been reused meanwhile.
[GL #1968]
......@@ -40,6 +40,12 @@ Feature Changes
programs that interact with the network and process arbitrary user
input. [GL #1933]
- As part of an ongoing effort to use RFC 8499 terminology, ``primaries``
can now be used as a synonym for ``masters`` in ``named.conf``.
Similarly, ``notify priamry-only`` can now be used as a synonym
for ``notify master-only``. The output of ``rndc zonestatus`` now
uses ``primary`` and ``secondary`` terminology. [GL #1948]
Bug Fixes
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