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Add CHANGES and release note for GL #2573

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5602. [bug] Fix the TCPDNS and TLSDNS timers, so TCP initial
and idle timers work correctly. [GL #2573]
5601. [bug] Dynamic zones with dnssec-policy could not be thawed
because KASP zones were always considered dynamic;
previously, dynamic KASP zones did not check whether
......@@ -44,3 +44,11 @@ Bug Fixes
- Fix a crash when transferring a zone over TLS, after "named" previously
skipped a master. [GL #2562]
- It was discovered that the TCP idle and initial timeouts were incorrectly
applied in the BIND 9.16 and 9.17 branches. Only the ``tcp-initial-timeout``
was applied on the whole connection, even if the connection were still active,
which could cause a large zone transfer to be sent back to the client. The
default setting for ``tcp-initial-timeout`` was 30 seconds, which meant that
any TCP connection taking more than 30 seconds was abruptly terminated. This
has been fixed [GL #2573].
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