Commit c8f2d55a authored by Witold Krecicki's avatar Witold Krecicki Committed by Ondřej Surý
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rbtdb: cleanup_dead_nodes should ignore alive nodes on the deadlist

parent dbd03ce1
......@@ -1914,15 +1914,16 @@ cleanup_dead_nodes(dns_rbtdb_t *rbtdb, int bucketnum) {
ISC_LIST_UNLINK(rbtdb->deadnodes[bucketnum], node, deadlink);
* Since we're holding a tree write lock, it should be
* impossible for this node to be referenced by others.
* decrement_reference may not have tested node->down, as
* the tree_lock was not held, before adding the node to
* deadnodes so we test it here.
* We might have reactivated this node without a tree write
* lock, so we couldn't remove this node from deadnodes then
* and we have to do it now.
INSIST(isc_refcount_current(&node->references) == 0 &&
node->data == NULL);
if (isc_refcount_current(&node->references) != 0 ||
node->data != NULL) {
node = ISC_LIST_HEAD(rbtdb->deadnodes[bucketnum]);
if (is_leaf(node) && rbtdb->task != NULL) {
send_to_prune_tree(rbtdb, node, isc_rwlocktype_write);
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