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Update notes, changes for #1612

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5451. [func] Add 'rndc dnssec -status' command. [GL #1612]
5450. [placeholder]
5449. [bug] Fix a socket shutdown race in netmgr udp. [GL #1938]
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ See also \fBrndc addzone\fP and \fBrndc modzone\fP\&.
\fBdnssec\fP [\fB\-status\fP \fIzone\fP [\fIclass\fP [\fIview\fP]]
Show the DNSSEC signing state for the specified zone. Requires the
zone to have a \fBdnssec-policy\fP.
zone to have a "dnssec\-policy".
\fBdnstap\fP ( \fB\-reopen\fP | \fB\-roll\fP [\fInumber\fP] )
Close and re\-open DNSTAP output files. \fBrndc dnstap \-reopen\fP allows
......@@ -29,6 +29,10 @@ New Features
Feature Changes
- New ``rndc`` command ``rndc dnssec -status`` that shows the current
DNSSEC policy and keys in use, the key states and rollover status.
[GL #1612]
- Disable and disallow static linking of BIND 9 binaries and libraries
as BIND 9 modules require ``dlopen()`` support and static linking also
prevents using security features like read-only relocations (RELRO) or
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