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    Set Epoch · 5763b299
    Michał Kępień authored
    The main non-SCL, ISC-provided BIND package is called "isc-bind".  Its
    version number reflects the BIND version it contains.
    The Software Collection metapackage is also called "isc-bind" and has
    its version number set to 1.  If it was put in the same repository as
    the non-SCL package, it would not be considered to be an update for the
    non-SCL "isc-bind" package.
    Since we want to migrate existing users of non-SCL packages to SCL
    packages, the Software Collection metapackage needs to have a version
    number higher than the non-SCL, ISC-provided BIND package.  The arguably
    most elegant way to achieve that is to set an Epoch for the Software
    Collection metapackage.