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    Fix rpz wildcard name matching · c2928c2e
    Diego dos Santos Fronza authored
    Whenever an exact match is found by dns_rbt_findnode(),
    the highest level node in the chain will not be put into
    chain->levels[] array, but instead the chain->end
    pointer will be adjusted to point to that node.
    Suppose we have the following entries in a rpz zone:
    example.com     CNAME rpz-passthru.
    *.example.com   CNAME rpz-passthru.
    A query for www.example.com would result in the
    following chain object returned by dns_rbt_findnode():
    chain->level_count = 2
    chain->level_matches = 2
    chain->levels[0] = .
    chain->levels[1] = example.com
    chain->levels[2] = NULL
    chain->end = www
    Since exact matches only care for testing rpz set bits,
    we need to test for rpz wild bits through iterating the nodechain, and
    that includes testing the rpz wild bits in the highest level node found.
    In the case of an exact match, chain->levels[chain->level_matches]
    will be NULL, to address that we must use chain->end as the start point,
    then iterate over the remaining levels in the chain.
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