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    153. [func] dns_rdata_tostruct() 'mxtc' is now optional. If 'mctx' · 5159c427
    Mark Andrews authored
                          is NULL then you need to preserve the 'rdata' until
                          you have finished using the structure as there may be
                          references to the associated memory.  If 'mctx' is non
                          NULL it is guarenteed that there are no references to
                          to memory addsociated with 'rdata'.
                          dns_rdata_freestruct() must be called if 'mctx' was
                          non NULL and may safely be called if 'mctx' was NULL.
    Finish implementing 153 for IN specific types.
    naptr_35.h some of the lengths should be 8 bits.
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