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    Update the copyright information in all files in the repository · 58bd26b6
    Ondřej Surý authored
    This commit converts the license handling to adhere to the REUSE
    specification.  It specifically:
    1. Adds used licnses to LICENSES/ directory
    2. Add "isc" template for adding the copyright boilerplate
    3. Changes all source files to include copyright and SPDX license
       header, this includes all the C sources, documentation, zone files,
       configuration files.  There are notes in the doc/dev/copyrights file
       on how to add correct headers to the new files.
    4. Handle the rest that can't be modified via .reuse/dep5 file.  The
       binary (or otherwise unmodifiable) files could have license places
       next to them in <foo>.license file, but this would lead to cluttered
       repository and most of the files handled in the .reuse/dep5 file are
       system test files.