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    Improve the LOG_DRIVER and LOG_COMPILER for the system tests · 58138180
    Ondřej Surý authored
    There are several improvements over the default/previous behaviour of
    the test log driver and log compiler:
     * The system-test-driver.sh was dropped (it was used incorrectly)
     * The run.sh script is now both log compiler and cli script to run
       individual tests
     * The custom-test-driver was added as extended version of the automake
       test-driver with capability to tee the test output to stdout when
       `--verbose yes` is passed to it (you can use LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS to
       add the option by default)
     * Makefile.am has been extended to honor V=1 for the system tests
       test-driver (e.g. V=1 adds `--verbose yes` to AM_LOG_DRIVER_FLAGS)
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