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    Stabilize "delzsk.example" zone checks · 79a4cbd2
    Michał Kępień authored
    When a zone is converted from NSEC to NSEC3, the private record at zone
    apex indicating that NSEC3 chain creation is in progress may be removed
    during a different (later) zone_nsec3chain() call than the one which
    adds the NSEC3PARAM record.  The "delzsk.example" zone check only waits
    for the NSEC3PARAM record to start appearing in dig output while private
    records at zone apex directly affect "rndc signing -list" output.  This
    may trigger false positives for the "autosign" system test as the output
    of the "rndc signing -list" command used for checking ZSK deletion
    progress may contain extra lines which are not accounted for.  Ensure
    the private record is removed from zone apex before triggering ZSK
    deletion in the aforementioned check.
    Also future-proof the ZSK deletion progress check by making it only look
    at lines it should care about.
    (cherry picked from commit e02de04e)