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    Make root hints consistent with authoritative data · 7bcb5a31
    Michał Kępień authored
    Resolvers in the "filter-aaaa" system test are configured with a single
    root hint: "ns.rootservers.net", pointing to  However,
    querying ns1 for "ns.rootservers.net" results in NXDOMAIN answers.
    Since the TTL for the root hint is set to 0, it may happen that a
    resolver's ADB will be asked to return any known addresses for
    "ns.rootservers.net", but it will only have access to a cached NXDOMAIN
    answer for that name and an expired root hint, which will result in a
    resolution failure, triggering a false positive for the "filter-aaaa"
    system test.  Prevent this from happening by making all the root hints
    consistent with authoritative data served by ns1.
    (cherry picked from commit c19ebde1)