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    Fix resolver tests: prefetch 40/41 · a711d6f8
    Diego dos Santos Fronza authored
    These two tests were failing basically because in order for prefetching to
    happen, the TTL for a given DNS record must be greater than or equal to
    the prefetch config value + 9.
    The previous TTL for both records was 10, while prefetch value in
    configuration was 3, thus making only records with TTL >= 12 elligible
    for prefetching.
    TTL value for both records was adjusted to the value 13, and prefetch
    value was set to 4 (inc by 1), so records with TTL (4 + 9) >= 13 are
    elligible for prefetching.
    Adjusting prefetch value to 4 gives the test 1 second more to avoid time
    problems when sharing resources on a heavy loaded PC.
    Also prefetch value in settings is now read by the script and used
    by it to corrrectly calculate the amount of time needed to delay before
    sending a request to trigger prefetch, adding a bit of flexibility to
    fine tune the test in the future.
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