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    Run "kyua report-html" for TSAN unit test jobs · ac439761
    Michał Kępień authored
    Definitions of jobs running unit tests under TSAN contain an
    "after_script" YAML key.  Since the "unit_test_job" anchor is included
    in those job definitions before "after_script" is defined, the
    job-specific value of that key overrides the one defined in the included
    anchor.  This prevents "kyua report-html" from being run for TSAN unit
    test jobs.  Moving the invocation of "kyua report-html" to the "script"
    key in the "unit_test_job" anchor is not acceptable as it would cause
    the exit code of that command to determine the result of all unit test
    jobs and we need that to be the exit code of "make unit".  Instead, add
    "kyua report-html" invocations to the "after_script" key of TSAN unit
    test job definitions to address the problem without affecting other job
    (cherry picked from commit 6ebce942)
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