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    add a search for GeoIP2 libraries in configure · fea6b5bf
    Evan Hunt authored
    - "--with-geoip" is used to enable the legacy GeoIP library.
    - "--with-geoip2" is used to enable the new GeoIP2 library
      (libmaxminddb), and is on by default if the library is found.
    - using both "--with-geoip" and "--with-geoip2" at the same time
      is an error.
    - an attempt is made to determine the default GeoIP2 database path at
      compile time if pkg-config is able to report the module prefix. if
      this fails, it will be necessary to set the path in named.conf with
    - Makefiles have been updated, and a stub lib/dns/geoip2.c has been
      added for the eventual GeoIP2 search implementation.
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