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cleanup: revamp the dnssec-dsfromkey man page and help output

Evan Hunt requested to merge u/fanf2/dsfromkey-man-v9_12-v9_11 into v9_11
  • Alphabetize the option lists in the man page and help text

  • Make the synopses more consistent between the man page and help text, in particular the number of different modes

  • Group mutually exclusive options in the man page synopses, and order options so that it is more clear which are available in every mode

  • Expand the DESCRIPTION to provide an overview of the output modes and input modes

  • Improve cross-references between options

  • Leave RFC citations to the SEE ALSO section, and clarify which RFC specifies what

  • Clarify list of digest algorithms in dnssec-dsfromkey man page

(cherry picked from commit 6ca8e130) (cherry picked from commit fb9bc8f8)

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